The Crossfit is a program of physical reinforcing that has been tought to help people to achieve a full and general wellness. The program is concentrated on a series of functional movements that change constantly, made with high density to reach a total phisical prowess and prepare people to every kind of physical challenge.

The athlete that practices CrossFit must be able to master 10 physical skills:

  • Cardiorespiratory endurance: the ability of the body systems to group and supply oxygen
  • Muscular endurance: ability of the body system to process, supply, store and use energy
  • Force: ability of a muscular unity, or a set of muscle unities, to apply the force
  • Flexibility: ability to maximize the movement of an articulation
  • Power: ability of a muscular unity, or a set of muscle unities, to apply the maximum force for a minimum time
  • Speed: ability to reduce the time to repeat the movement
  • Coordination: ability to combine movement in a specific direction or with a specific intensity
  • Agility: ability to reduce the time of transition from a series of movements to others.
  • Balance: ability to control the position of the body gravity center in relation to its support base.
  • Precision: ability to control a movement in a specific direction or with a specific density.

The athletes that do Crossfit, practise with the running, the rowing machine, jump rope, climbing and moving objects; they often move heavy loads speedily for long distances and use powerlifting and weightlifting techniques. In addition they use dumbbells, athletic rings, bars for traction, kettlebell and a lot of calisthenic. Major lifts: deadlifts, clean, squat, presse, clean&jerk and snatch. Basis of gym: pull-up, climbing on rope, push-up, sit-up, press-up.

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1) The subscription must be paid in advance, before the beginning of the lessons. It is forbidden to access the gym with the expired subscription. In case of expired subscription it is recommanded the earlier arrival to the lesson.

2) The registration and cancellation to the activities, offered by CrossFit Sky Dome, must be done booking the activity according to the mode explained at the reception

3) The medical certificate must be mandatorily submitted within two weeks from the beginning.   

4) During the subscription period the reschedule or reimbursement of lost lessons, with the exception of what agreed in the contract, is not foreseen. In case of weekday closing of the gym, the period will be added during the following month.

5) The access to CrossFit Sky Dome is only allowed in the hours indicated in the planning.

6) If someone doesn’t partecipate to the lesson, must stay out of the training areas

7) It is important an adequate personal hygiene to have access to the training area, wear clean sneakers, to be used only in the gym area, and adequate sportswear

8) The use of mobiles during the lessons is allowed only in extraordinary cases

9) Punctuality to the lesson is requested

10) It is mandatory the use of the towel

11) The equipment can be used if the operation mode is known and under the staff supervision. Damages will be charged to the responsibles.

12) The area used for training must be cleaned by the sweat and the magnesite, with the necessary equipment (paper, spray of water, ecc) and the equipment used must be cleaned and stored in the right place

13) CrossFit SkyDome is not responsible for accidents that may happen to the registered people, during the use of the equipments or during the stay in the gym and caused by negligence or during the Open gym hours

14) CrossFit SkyDome is not responsible for damages or thefts of things left in the locker room or in the parking

15) The staff has the duty to enforce this Regulation and should be facilitated in its task and in particulat has the right to make checks

16)If, for any reason, Crossfit SkyDome observes behaviours which are not compliant to the internal Regulation, can take measures and decide to suspend or distrust a person

17)Crossfit SkyDome is covered by the assurance for civil responsabilities, the assurance covers only damages to things or people occurred in the context of the activity described in the policy